Terry Fund fullfills a last wish of a firefighter

The Delaware Chapter along with the National Chapter came together to give a last wish to a Delmarva firefighter with terminal cancer.  Firefighter Lenny McGee wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum along with the footprints.  After a few days, with a few phone calls Lenny and his selected family members were on their way to NYC to meet the crew of Rescue 5 with the National Chapter.  Lenny and family were taken directly to the front doors of the 9/11 Memorial Museum where they were greeted personally from Lee Ilepi (FDNY-Ret.) who lost his son Jonathan of FDNY Squad 288 on 9/11.  Lee Ilephi gave Lenny a personal tour of the museum never leaving his side while educating the entire family of the events that took place that day.  Lenny McGee past away from his illness 2 1/2 months after his trip to New York City visiting the fooprints. 

Delaware Chapter

Our Fund was formed after the events of September 11, 2001. Those of us who searched and cried for our missing brothers were comforted by the thousands of firefighters and departments who sent crews, tools and support to get us through those dark days.

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Our Efforts

“…the fund delivered over $60,000 worth of surplus equipment… These donations are vital to small rural departments and the communities we serve.”  -Evan Fisk, 1st Assistant Chief, Rensselaer Fire and Rescue, NY

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